Story: Empowering Girls and Bridging the Digital Divide with TechPower

A transformation is underway at the Iwerekun Community Junior High School, Lakowe. It all began when TechPower, a project of the Danne Institute for Research, entered the school with a mission to empower young girls and bridge the gender digital divide. This is the story of how TechPower changed the lives of the students, one girl at a time.

The Partnership with Iwerekun Community Junior High School, Lakowe

Our story begins with an extraordinary partnership between Danne Institute for Research and Iwerekun Community Junior High School. A pivotal moment came when the school received an ICT lab, courtesy of the MTN Foundation. Danne Institute for Research saw an opportunity to make a real impact through TechPower and seized it.

The motto, “Bridging the gender digital divide, one girl at a time,” reflects their commitment to providing quality STEM education to girls. The magic was about to happen.

An Impactful Experience