About TechPower

TechPower is a research and intervention Project of the Danne Institute for Research.

The Tech space in Nigeria is growing (there are a few tech companies with a market value of US$1billion). Yet few girls are interested in the sector and in STEM in general. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 22% of engineering and technology university graduates are women.

If women are not to be left behind by the 4th industrial revolution, something must be done to demystify technology and engineering and encourage them to pursue careers in STEM.

We partnered with Ixzdore Laboratories to provide training in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and AsterHall for leadership training for girls in public secondary schools located in poor neighbourhoods. Through concrete projects, the concepts of physics, electronics, design and engineering, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus are introduced in a practical and fun-filled way. The girls are also mentored by young female professionals in the STEM space. We started the first edition of the Project with JS1 students in Iwerekun Community Junior High School, Lakowe Lagos. MTN Foundation equipped the ICT Lab in the School and provided the basic infrastructure that enabled us to begin this project.

We expect that some of our participants will choose science subjects in SS1 and pursue careers in STEM at university; learn to lead themselves, manage their time and find their voice in society. Ultimately, the programme will provide them the knowledge and skills they need to participate fully as creators, inventors and problem solvers of tomorrow. We hope that these girls see a future for themselves here in Nigeria.

Long Term Goal

Danne Institute is carrying out a longitudinal study of the participants of the programme. We will track their performance on the different levels of the programme and research what helped those who decide to pursue careers in STEM and why the others did not.


This program contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the areas of gender equality and education.

My Experience with Techpower

By Ojonoka Braimah

TechPower was conceived to bridge the gap in the digital sphere by incorporating STEM focused activities for girls in secondary school. Danne Institute partnered with Ixzdore Laboratories to deliver the project.

I joined Danne Institute of Research as an Intern while waiting for NYSC. This was not just an opportunity for me to learn and gain experience, rather it has taken on the form of a more holistic endeavour.

Watching the girls faces light up and just the sheer enthusiasm in response to the learning material is intrinsically very rewarding. The classroom has taken on a more alive form as we’ve become more familiar with each other and each of the girls’ unique personalities have come out.

The Pioneer