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Danne Institute for Research

Danne Institute for Research to Unveil Groundbreaking Study on Traffic Congestion in Lagos

In a bid to address the persistent challenge of traffic congestion in Lagos, the Danne Institute for Research is set to unveil its latest study during a Breakfast Meeting on the 22nd of November 2023 at the Wheatbaker Hotel, 4 Onitolo Street Ikoyi, from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

The Danne Institute for Research, a not-for-profit trust with a mission to lead positive change in Africa through relevant and rigorous research, has conducted an in-depth examination of the behavioural causes of traffic congestion in Lagos. The institute aims to shed light on the impact of these behaviours on the economic landscape of Lagos, its residents, businesses, and the state government.

According to the institute’s findings, traffic congestion is not only a daily frustration for Lagosians but also imposes a significant economic burden. The study estimates that traffic congestion costs Lagos approximately 4 trillion Naira annually. This staggering figure underscores the urgent need for effective solutions to enhance connectivity and productivity in the megacity.

The upcoming Breakfast Meeting will serve as a platform for the Danne Institute to present its comprehensive report on the behavioural causes of traffic congestion in Lagos. The study delves into the everyday behaviours that contribute to the problem and solicits input from Lagosians on potential solutions.

“The aim of this Dialogue is to continue the conversation on connectivity and productivity in Lagos by presenting the problem as Lagosians see it and their proposed solutions to the seemingly intractable problem of traffic congestion in Lagos,” states the institute.

This event is not just a presentation of challenges but an opportunity to engage stakeholders, share insights, and collectively work towards viable solutions. The Wheatbaker Hotel will provide a conducive environment for fruitful discussions among participants who are passionate about the development of Lagos.

The Danne Institute for Research encourages active participation from government officials, academics, business leaders, and members of the public interested in contributing to the ongoing dialogue on traffic congestion in Lagos. The institute believes that by involving diverse perspectives, it can pave the way for innovative solutions to this critical issue, aligning with its broader mission of leading positive change in Africa through impactful research and community engagement.

Mark your calendars for this important Breakfast Meeting on the 22nd of November 2023, as the Danne Institute for Research takes a significant step towards addressing the behavioural causes of traffic congestion and fostering a more connected and productive Lagos.

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