Connectivity and Productivity in Lagos Megacity

The Connectivity and Productivity in Lagos Megacity report looks at how the city’s long-time traffic congestion problem has made it disconnected, fragmented and less productive. Paul Collier, Patricia Jones and Dewi Spijkerman, in Cities as Engines of Growth: Evidence from a New Global Sample of Cities, showed that productivity in developing economies rises by five to six per cent when their population doubles. Lagos population has more than doubled since the last national census of 2006 but the state has not recorded significant productivity increases. In fact, in 2015, Lagos had the lowest score of 11 African countries on the City Prosperity Index: it had the least score on productivity (16.1%). Our research on connectivity and productivity explains why this is so and suggests research-backed solutions. In addition to tracing the history of urban transport in Lagos and the economics of Lagos density, (in partnership with Financial Derivatives Company), we calculated the economic costs of traffic congestion to individuals, businesses and the megacity. We found that Lagos loses about N4 trillion annually to traffic congestion.

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