Nigeria has had over 150,000 cases of Coronavirus and about 2,000 deaths. The pandemic made the federal and some state governments to declare a lockdown and social restrictions. This, in addition to a dip in global oil prices, contracted the economy and Nigeria entered recession for the second time in five years. The pandemic and the lockdown also came as a shock to many businesses that didn’t have remote work policies in place. Eventually, companies and organisations and even government ministries and parastatals had to adapt and work from home.

We set out to investigate the impact of the pandemic on and its lessons for individuals and businesses. What were the challenges faced by workers and organisations during the lockdown-induced remote work? What can private sector employers do to improve on Work from Home in the future? What are the implications for the government vis a vis exploiting the crisis to heavily invest in physical and broadband infrastructure? How do we ensure we don’t waste the crisis and build a workforce of the future?

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